Welcome to Sanctuary Santa Fe

One of the best kept secrets in the Southwest for exceptional holistic skincare, massage therapies, and relaxing spa treatments.

Sanctuary Santa Fe was founded in 1996 by European Esthetician Kerstyn Porsch.

Sanctuary Santa Fe, Skin Care & Massage with Kerstyn Porsch

I am committed to utilizing outstanding, HOLISTIC AND ORGANIC products in my facials and therapeutic massage treatments.

Decades of dedicated work as an alchemist of all things natural that feel, taste, smell and WORK very good, have evolved into special skills and techniques which help to enhance my clients experiences to contribute to their beauty and wellness.

If you want to channel your own inner alchemist, I will show you how to create home-made lotions and masks for your at-home sanctuary.

Having been a resident of Santa Fe for over 20 years, I’ll also share secrets with you about the best hiking trails and restaurants around town!

My practice serves long-time locals and visitors to Santa Fe – let me help you make your time in Santa Fe memorable and relaxing!


Facials and Treatments

Services at Sanctuary Santa Fe European Skin Care & Massage with Kerstyn Porsch

Facials & treatments begin with a consultation for individual analysis and recommended treatment choices to help you address your specific areas of concern.

Remarkable technological advances offer quick solutions to common problems and conditions such as acne, acne scarring, sun damage, wrinkles, brown spots and poor skin texture.

Sanctuary Santa Fe only uses the finest products on your skin! See the Product page for more information.

All treatments come with little to no downtime or discomfort.

Each facial is custom-tailored and includes:

  • thorough skin analysis
  • deep pore cleansing
  • gentle steam and warm aromatic towels
  • gentle customized skin exfoliation
  • hand-mixed revitalizing treatment mask

Facials incorporate my unique massage technique:

A European, rhythmic facial massage combined with Ko-bi-do: an ancient Japanese meridian and Acupressure massage that is very unique. This most relaxing procedure will increase circulation of your deeper facial muscles, resulting in visibly lifted, firmer skin. You will feel divinely pampered by the rhythmic infusion of antioxidant potions and serums. This Sanctuary Santa Fe signature treatment you will find nowhere else!


Services at Sanctuary Santa Fe European Skin Care & Massage with Kerstyn Porsch

Please give Sanctuary 24+ hours Cancellation Notice! Tel. (505) 231-2231
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